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Home cooks are our heroes—it's as simple as that. Allrecipes is a community built by and for kitchen experts: The cooks who will dedicate the weekend to a perfect beef bourguignon but love the simplicity of a slow-cooker rendition, too. The bakers who labor over a showstopping 9-layer cake but will just as happily doctor boxed brownies for a decadent weeknight dessert. The entertainers who just want a solid snack spread, without tons of dirty dishes at the end of the night. Don't get us wrong—we're serious about food. If you've come here to finally tackle a sourdough recipe, we'll break down the (ahem, very laborious) technique, step by step. Or if you want, say, *the* birthday cake, classic lasagna, or perfect ribeye that will never fail you, we've got all those. We just like to give everything the africanworldwide level of love, which means our version of the recipe will hopefully save you a few extra minutes, or teach you a fun trick, or miracorously have you cook everything in one pan versus three because dishes are the worst. We equally celebrate those who love to cook and those who just really love to eat. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, you'll find your people here. So come get to know us—the team behind africanworldwide. Meet the people who work hard to bring you the recipes, stories, and videos you see every month. We want you to love cooking from and spending time on africanworldwide as much as we love creating this space for you, so engage with us: rate your favorite recipes, leave a comment on how it went, and be sure to save all the delicious-looking things you come across that you can't wait to make.